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Club By-Laws



The name of this organization shall be OZARKS FLYERS, INC.


To teach individuals the art and skill of building and flying model aircraft. To advance the art of design, construction and flying of model aircraft. To bring together individuals of common interest. To gather and disseminate information on model aircraft construction and flying. To maintain a flying site. To bring together individuals with specific interests for the purpose of special meets and competitions.


A person applying for membership thereby accepts the principles of the OZARK FLYERS club as expressed in its purpose and submits himself to and agrees to comply with and be bound by the Constitution and By-laws of this Constitution alone, and is entitled to all the privileges of the organization. No member shall be absolved from observance of the Constitution and By-laws.


The organization shall adopt By-laws that are consistent with the Constitution and embodying additional provisions for the government of the organization. By-laws may be adopted and/or amended as herein provided and will be attached to this Constitution as Inclusion 1.


This Constitution and any supplements or attachments may be altered, amended, deleted, or replaced by the following provisions. The proposed change must be read at three (3) regular meetings prior to a vote. A quorum of eight (8) members must be present at each reading. A two-thirds majority is required to amend this Constitution or its attachments, when put to a vote at a regular meeting. A quorum of eight (8) members must be present. The Constitution and By-laws are to be reviewed at the October meeting each year.

BY-LAWS (Inclusion 1).


ARTICLE I. MEMBERSHIP                                                                                                           

  1. There shall be three types of membership

    1. Open Member – Those nineteen (19) years and older on July 1 of the membership year

    2. Youth Member – Those under the age of nineteen (19) years on July 1 of the membership year.

    3. Non-flying Members – Those who do not fly model aircraft but assist others and may attend meetings. 

  2. All members are required to be members in good standing of the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics), and show proof upon request. Dues are payable January 1 each membership year.

ARTICLE II. DURATION OF MEMBERSHIP                                                                                   

1. Membership shall be continuous during the existence of the organization unless as provided herein:  

A) Termination of membership will occur for non-payment of dues. If a member lets his dues lapse for four (4) months, his membership will be terminated. Reinstatement may take place by paying another initiation fee.

B) Termination may take place if any safety rule is violated. This termination will require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the membership by secret ballot.

ARTICLE III. INITIATION FEE, DUES AND CONTRIBUTIONS                                                         

1. An initiation fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) will be charged each new Open member, and twelve and one-half dollars ($12.50) each Youth member, additional family member or non-flying member. This initiation fee will not be prorated.

2. Dues will be assessed as follows:

A) Open membership shall be sixty dollars ($60.00) per year.

B) Youth membership, additional family members, and non-flying members shall be thirty dollars ($30.00) per year.

3. A person who has never been a club member and wishes join the club is required to pay their full amount of annual dues if joining from January 1 thru the end of June of the membership year. A person who wishes to join the club from July 1 thru the end of December of the membership year is required to pay their annual dues for the remainder of the year prorated at 1/12th per remaining month in the membership year.

4. The treasury is authorized to receive contributions from individuals or institutions. These funds will be added to the club’s general fund.


1.There shall be four (4) elected Officer positions:

A) President

B) Vice President

C) Secretary-Treasurer

D) Safety Coordinator

2. At least one (1) month before election, the membership or election committee shall submit to the membership the names of nominees for each officer position.

3. Officers for the next year shall be elected at the December meeting each year.

4. These officers shall serve as the Board of Directors of Ozark Flyers, Inc.


1. President

A) Preside over meetings.

B) Appoint committees and individuals to conduct the organization business, with club approval.

2. Vice-President

A) Preside over meetings in the absence of the President.

3. Secretary-Treasurer

A) Record the minutes of all meetings and report them at the following meeting.     

B) Report the current financial status at all meetings.

C) Maintain new member information.

D) Collect initiation fees and club dues.

E) Maintain a club roster and computer E-Mail list of all club members. 

F) Handle all club finances and pay club expenses.

G) Handle all AMA business and correspondence.

4. Safety Coordinator

A) Understand and aid in the communication of the AMA National Safety Code to the club and its members.

B) Provide a communication link between AMA and the club in matters related to safety.

C) Act as a safety advisor and resource manager for the club and its members.

D) Assist AMA in the establishment of a national safety program to reduce accidents/incidents.

E) Develop, promote and encourage a climate of safety awareness with the club.


1. Meetings will be held on the second Monday of each month, at 6:30 PM, except when the Monday is on a holiday, or some act of God or hardship prevents the meeting. In that case, the meeting will be rescheduled for the following Monday.

2. The President has the authority to call additional meetings or to cancel a meeting as necessary.


The following rules are binding on all club members and guests using the club flying site.

1. All persons using the club flying site will have a current AMA membership card in their possession.

2. Guests of current club members who desire to fly at the club field must be in possession of a current AMA membership card and may use the flying site twice before being required to join the club. This rule does not apply to non club member registered pilots attending club events.

3. No hunting or firearms are allowed on the flying site.

4. All persons who are using 72 MHz transmitters must place them on the impound rack, unless flying or maintaining an aircraft. All persons who are using 2.4 GHz transmitters are exempt from this requirement.

5. No 72 Mhz transmitter will be turned to the ON position unless there is a frequency pin attached to that transmitter and the pin is replaced by the owner’s AMA card on the frequency board.  All persons that have and are using a 2.4 GHz transmitters are exempt from this requirement.

6. No flying of aircraft over the spectator or parking areas is allowed.

7. All spectators are required to remain behind the marked fence area.

8. No starting or re-starting of engines on the runway is allowed, except in special events,  unless you announce your intentions to other flyers.

9. All flyers are required to comply with the current AMA National Safety Code.

10. All members and guests must comply with all City of Fayetteville and Park and Recreation rules and regulations.

Approved as an amended version of the club constitution by a unanimous vote of the members present at the club meeting April 13, 2015, with Dennis Carter, President presiding.